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 Message from your SJRA President

Kenny Thatcher

I would like to welcome you or welcome you back to a very exciting new year in SJRA! It will be great to catch up with those of us who have been a part of this organization and seen it grow and to meet the many new faces who will call SJRA their home for years to come. You know as President I am supposed to say this is the best private membership organization in the south. Well those of you who know me realize “I do not always say what I am supposed to say; but I always say what I mean to say”. So in short, if I am saying it I believe it and to date I have not been exposed to one that is better. So be proud of what you have built and for our new arrivals be a part of the continued growth by getting involved. Involvement by our adult members is critical in the success of the organization. Get in dress code and help in the arena for an hour, get involved in one of our important committees, help get sponsorships or just help pick up trash around the arena. No job is to small and all efforts will be appreciated. We have an amazing arena crew who run efficient and timely rodeos month in and month out handling upwards of 900 runs. They would more than welcome, train, and thank anyone who wanted to spend some time holding goats, picking up barrels, or setting poles just to name a few. Please just see one of us to get started. I promise you it will be worth it as there are few things greater than a child’s smile. This will be an exciting year as it will be my first year as president. I am looking forward to making new friends and working with old friends who we feel are more family than friends. We realize each and every day how God has blessed us with this organization and the people in it. With several years of rodeo behind us, I will continue the same business and rodeo expertise needed to grow this great organization...with Laura’s help, of course. The sport of rodeo is very important to our whole family and I’m sure to all the families whose kids are involved. Rodeo is a great way for families to spend time together. The Executive board has voted to take a more economic approach to fundraising this year which will ease the burden on our families. We will continue to take our money and reinvest it in our children through pay out and prizes. Get the word out to your friends and neighbors that SJRA is a competitive, affordable, and fun private membership rodeo organization for all ages that has the best interest of the families in mind. I want to thank the executive board, student board, and committee members who exceeded all expectations last year. We paid back to our members in excess of $160k and we were able to do so with all of your efforts. This year should be no different so let’s get started! Again welcome and good luck this season…..the formula is simple: Faith, Family, Studies and Practice! Thank you, Kenny

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